img_2720LEHIGH VALLEY, PA – The Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Task Force that combats human trafficking recently met to provide the community with a better understand of the need for even more collaborative efforts to fight human trafficking in our communities.  The Valley Against Sex Trafficking’s (VAST’s) Executive Director, Christi Dominguez, presented to the regional group and provided updates on how VAST has been active with educating the Lehigh Valley public, providing more anti-trafficking information to communities, and the trends we’re seeing within the sex trafficking industry.

“I am so encouraged by the regional work that is forging ahead so that VAST and other groups are able to have greater state- and nation-wide impact,” Dominguez said.  

Recently, in Wilkes-Barre, PA at the Family Service Association of NEPA conference titled “From Denial to Engagement: Human Trafficking”, Dominguez attended and spoke at the event with VAST’s co-founder, Heather Evans, and sex trafficking survivor Kelli Favazza.  Approximately 275 individuals were gathered as Favazza spoke on the meaning of choice and vulnerability factors through her own trafficking narrative.  

Dominguez, overjoyed by the reception of those in attendance said, “the individuals in attendance and many who are taking the time to engage within task force team are diving into this movement of anti-trafficking work.  They are the rising Freedom Fighters that VAST and the whole world is desperately in need of.  It was an honor to sit alongside them and provide knowledge and information needed to move a regional strategy forward.”

“I am so grateful to have an Eastern PA regional support network.  Those of us who work to eradicate sex trafficking in our communities, state, nation, and world need this kind of collaboration on various levels and make it clear that trafficking is unacceptable and should never happen.  The goal is continue creating a movement so that traffickers will have nowhere to take their business,” said Dominguez.

The underlying goal of the Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Task Force and VAST is to work with various non-profits and law enforcement agencies to continue educating the public about trafficking and also to ultimately provide assistance to victims.

Visit VAST’s website at for more information about our non-profit community organization.