Our Core

Our Mission

Through collaboration, education, and advocacy, VAST empowers survivors and encourages the community to take action in the anti-trafficking movement

Our Vision

Eliminate human trafficking I End sexual exploitation

Our Values


We rely on expert knowledge and advice in critical areas of this organization’s life, but we are not experts and we’d rather hear from local voices whenever possible.  We want to understand others before being understood.

Equity & Justice

VAST believes everyone is equal and has the ability to use power for good.  When power is used to hurt, then justice must be sanctioned. This means we must change systems that cause injustice and hinder community formation. We work with prisoners, asylum seekers, marginalized groups and so on.  We appreciate diversity of the human race and seek to promote it through equality and justice.

Dignity & Worth of Persons

Along with equality, every person has a right to dignity and every person has the same inherent worth.