Strategic Prevention Plan

Strategic Prevention Plan

The Valley Against Sex Trafficking is a grassroots coalition of professionals and community members dedicated to eliminating human sex trafficking in the Lehigh Valley through prevention efforts in awareness, action, and aftercare.

The coalition is organized around a strategic plan of prevention that lays out three approaches to eliminating human trafficking.  The three approaches are: awareness, aftercare, and action.  Each approach outlines goals to accomplish the mission and vision.  Our impact is measured by the degree of accomplishment in each goal.


Goal 1: Educate the public, service providers, groups and organizations about HST

Goal 2: Train the public on the connection between HST, demand for commercial sex, and trauma related to trafficking

Goal 3: Provide resources and social support for the public to plan trafficking awareness & education opportunities



Goal 1: Reduce the commercial sex demand in our local sex industry

Goal 2: Participate in trafficking response protocol by providing stabilization and support resources for victims

Goal 3: Develop a coordinated, inter-agency service system for trafficking victims through coalition initiative

Goal 4: Challenge standards of practice in our communities through legislative and community advocacy related to care of trafficking victims and systems of society that fuel trafficking



Goal 1: Empower individuals who are vulnerable to trafficking victimization or re-victimization

Goal 2: Serve victims by providing holistic wellness, community connectedness, and resource referral to re-integrate into the broader community

Goal 3: Conduct outreach through street, prison, and community engagement of individuals who are victims or vulnerable to trafficking victimization