Our Story

In May 2011,
Beck Sullivan and Heather Evans saw the need for a community led initiative against human trafficking. They ignited the grassroots coalition we now call
Valley Against Sex Trafficking.


Our first community meeting was held in 2011

It was brought together individuals who shared the same vision. VAST began to partner with and educate various organizations, service providers, law enforcement, individuals and community members on issues related to human sex trafficking.


VAST became an official nonprofit organization 501(c)3, in June 2016.

Now, we grow and develop as an independent organization while furthering our goal of ending human sex trafficking.

VAST is currently partnering with justice advocates in law enforcement, homeland security and the judicial system. We support them in shaping Pennsylvania law and teaching others how to recognize human trafficking.

“When a stone gets thrown into a pond it is impossible to see how far the ripples spread, so is true about raising awareness and taking action against human trafficking.”

-Heather Evans

Through our efforts in awareness, action and aftercare VAST will continue to work tirelessly on eliminating human sex trafficking in the Lehigh Valley.
Special Agent Stefanie Snyder, Linda Brownback, Marika Springer, Heather Evans, Beck Sullivan, Christi Dominguez, John Luke Laube, DA Rob Schopf